​Client Services/Admission


Work Services

Clients learn the skills necessary to particpate in work contracts we receive from businesses in and around Milwaukee. When necessary, we will create adaptive equipment to allow those with physical challenges to participate as fully as possible in the work services program. This allows all of our clients to gain the satisfaction of earning a regular paycheck. 


Case Management/Social Services

Case management and social services are provided for each person attending the program. The case manager is an essential link between the program, client, therapists, residence and other community services. Families of our clients appreciate the individualized care each person receives and 98% percent of our families gave Eisenhower Center a rating of "outsanding."


Educational Serivces

Our Educaitonal Department offers classes in daily living skills, cooking, arts and crafts, music, computer skills and integration into the community.


Hours of Service

Monday through Friday 7:00 AM - 2:30 PM


Schedule a Tour

To schedule a facility tour, please call 414-353-8480 or fill out the form to submit a request. 

Admission Criteria

Eisenhower Center specializes in working with adults who need training or assitance with:

  • Work skills & habits

  • Fine motor skills

  • Social skills

  • Communication

  • Mobility, communicating and toileting

  • Daily living skills


Individual must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of Milwaukee County (unless another county assumes financial responsibiity). 


Primary diagnsosis must be:

  • Developmental Disabilities

  • Brain Injury

  • Other Neurolgoical Disabilities.

Contact Information

Eisenhower Center

4425 W. Woolworth Avenue

Milwaukee, WI 53218

Telephone: ​414-353-8480

Fax: 414-353-8720
Email: info@eisenhowercenter.org

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